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My Gut Health Journey

I am Sage Joya.  For 12 years I served society as a Corporate Accountant.  The last 20+ years I have been serving society as an Indigenous-Trained Herbalist, Spiritual Guide, National Board Instructor Certified Colon Therapist, Mind-Gut Life Coach, Sexual Wellness Coach, Mother and Confidant.  

Coming from a family of spiritual leaders, guides and herbalist, personal awareness of my life journey began at age 4.  The wisdom I possessed was, and still is, beyond my years.  Adjacent to this awareness was the experience of inoculation which smacked me in the face!  Immediately after immunization, my health instantly deteriorated.  Little did I understand, that event was part of my life journey.  I would live with weeping rashes, swollen eyes, eczema, weakened immunity, multiple sclerosis, bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic yeast infections, urinary tract infections, halitosis and a dysfunctional gut.  I discarded waste material (poo) once every other week.  If I had those same conditions today, my diagnosis would include multiple autoimmune syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, diverticulitis, chronic idiopathic constipation and/or functional bowel disorder.

I was the poster child for polypharmacy; swallowing 13, or more, different medications in one day.  I consumed antibiotics, daily, for months at a time, over 5 years.  My doctor said moving poop once every other week was normal for my body type. He said I would never have children and I would always have sickness.

At age 15, I decided to prove my doctor wrong.  With determination and a willingness to step outside the societal norm, it took me 25+ years to learn my body could, would and did reverse the damage. The keys were commitment, cleansing, combination, consistency and consciousness.

Today, I have a strong immune system.  I know my health baseline.  I easily release poo from my rectum queue within 20 - 40 minutes after I eat a meal. I am medication-free for more than 30 years.  I am living proof that a person can recover from prescribed antibiotic abuse.  I am also living proof that a person can train their colon function. You, too, can achieve your desired health goals as long as you eliminate excuses, listen to your body instead of others, step outside your comfort zone, stand firm on consistency and secure a Mind-Gut Life Coach.

Initially, I created Bottom Drops from a memory of having recurring, intense, daily yeast infections.  Today, that intensity translates into a bacterial vaginosis diagnosis.  I reflected on the ineffective prescription creams, antibiotics and steroids to eliminate my yeast imbalances or UTIs.  Results were extremely temporary; useless.  With herbal, essential oil and gut hydration training at the forefront of my mind, Bottom Drops was developed to help women suffering from this recurrence and men with symptoms of yeast/bacteria imbalances.  

Based upon my personal journey and client experiences, I know an integrative, combination approach to eliminating illness is important for success.  With Bottom Drops, one utilizes the immune tissues/cells of the rectum and colon to strengthen the skin, vagina, anus and gut microbiomes as well as the penis habitat. Simultaneously, our products support mental, emotional and sexual concerns for whole body healing.  Thereafter, we provide easy access to The Easy Cleanse for implementing a lifestyle habit of consuming microbiome-friendly foods.  Lastly, a person can choose to have support at each phase of their journey.  Over the past 20+ years, I have heard it all and seen it all.  No question is too weird, too sexual or too disgusting for guidance.  Bottom Drops support is always available to help individuals meet their health goals.

My word is truth.  I am here to help you.  I know your body can heal with commitment, consistency and continuous guidance.  Once you commit to yourself, reach out to me and let's see your health journey through to your desired completion!


p.s.  My clients speak of my commitment to individuals achieving gut health.  Click on the images below for a sample of audio/video testimony.

Laxative, Binging, Purging Abuse
Cancer Survivor
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