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Welcome!  At BottomDrops.com we know your lower gut pain story very well and we are here to serve.  A struggle with data dumping (pooping) is embarrassing for many, but not us. We have solutions providing results within as little as 60-minutes to 30-days.  The choice is yours.  Everything is within your control.

The foundation of lower gut pain begins with a delay of timely data dumps (poop).  The average professional approach is to increase fiber, dietary change, supplement intake and a medication change.  Those remedies are okay if you have time to linger in gut pain.
At BottomDrops.com we approach lower gut malfunction head on.  We go direct to the gut exit opening of your digestive tract!  With our action-driven tactics, you can achieve the following:
  • Nurture restoration of colon-gut performance
  • Train responsiveness of gut reflexes
  • Improve timeliness of data dump expulsion
  • Dismantle gut gas obstructing the elimination pathway
  • Rebuild bacteria relations
  • Improve immune function
  • Remove data dumps and gas causing embarrassing bloat
  • Hydrate dry and hard data dumps for ease of excretion
  • Increase overall whole-body performance with proper hydration
NOW is the time to eliminate the normalcy of your gut pain.  There is a lower gut activation tier for everyone.
For the beginner - Get your feet wet.  Utilize our self-administration solutions with extensive video education to ensure maximum results. 
For the intermediate seeker - You know what you want.  We offer one-to-one instruction.  In addition to private, virtual instruction, explore the emotional component of lower gut malfunction.
For the advanced seeker - You are ready to complete the digestion of your emotion-driven pain.  Experience either an upcoming retreat or MOBILE sessions in the home via Reverse Colonic Cleansing sessions with Sage Joya.
Take the necessary action to change the quality of your life.  Click Here to get started.


p.s.  If you desire Reverse Colonic Cleansing with Sage Joya, click on the images below for sample audio/video testimony.

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