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Mind-Gut Healing: Combination Work

Gut healing can feel unattainable.  It seems to begin as a small problem which culminates into a very huge problem.  Usually, the doctors and major gut gurus tell you to consume "this new market drug" along with "these supplements" because you are lacking "these nutrients" which are causing a number of digestive organs to malfunction.  You follow the protocol consistently.  At your follow up visits you find yourself agreeing to feeling better.  However, while traveling home, you admit silently that something, but the details are unknown, continues to feel very uncomfortable.  You have felt better at times but the result is never long-lasting.  Behind a closed bedroom door, the overwhelm is settling in because you think there is something wrong with only your body.  You are tired of swallowing pills and denying a strong desire to eat fulfilling meals.  It seems like everyone else is healing except you.  Unfortunately, your thoughts are far from true.


The Missing Component

Inclusion is the true name of gut healing.  A whole body approach, which includes your mind through to the lower gut, is necessary for efficient gut healing.  The gut is your entire digestive tract.  It utilizes water to facilitate much of its function.  This unit is in direct communication with the brain-mind.  In fact, hormones, neurotransmitters, nerve cells and bacteria facilitate the bi-directional communication taking place between the brain-mind and gut-mind.  This dialogue must complete digestion, through to the excretion of waste via the colon.  Without complete expulsion of this toxic waste-yielding conversation, a body is subject to disease. Therefore, the missing component from the average gut healing protocol is utilizing water to cleanse through the exit (anal) opening of a digestive tract.  This step supports improved digestion of the oral products as well as complete removal of toxic waste.


The Combination Approach

At Bottom Drops, we like to address the whole body, beginning with the mind and ending with the colon-gut while including an easy modern diet.  The journey begins with Sensor Syncers for supporting balanced thought then inclusion of Bottom Drops to support digestive healing aids from the bottom... up.  Next, it is strongly encouraged to employ The Exit Cleanse or Reverse Colonic Cleansing (comprehensive mind-gut cleansing) to enhance removal of toxic waste while drastically reducing (or removing) herxheimer (die-off) reactions.  Lastly, The Easy Cleanse is used as a happy medium dietary lifestyle directive.  This combination approach, driven by the immune opportunities of a rectum and colon, will give you the gut healing results you are seeking.  It is import to employ The Exit Cleanse or you will skip the differing bonus of water inclusion.  This omission will drastically reduce your gut healing results.  The Choice is yours.

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